Moab Skinny Tire Events

Moab Skinny Tire Events offers exhilarating road cycling events in the spectacular red rock canyons, arches and mountains of Moab, Utah.

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Cycling past the red rock canyon walls, scenic Colorado River, and aspen tree lined La Sal Mountains at 8000' elevation offers a variety in landscape that can only be called awe-inspiring. The amazing cyclists attending these road cycling events have contributed $3.6 million in the past decade toward cancer survivorship, research, and treatment resources. We celebrate you!

The Moab Century Tour in the Fall, The Moab Skinny Tire Festival in the Spring, and Moonshadows in Moab at the May Full Moon all are intended to create an experience that uplifts, rewards and rejuvenates on many levels — physically with the cycling challenges, emotionally and mentally with shared stories from others about their cancer situations, losses, etc., and spiritually in the unique way that only nature can accomplish.

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